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Spreading the word about the very first Beach Battalion formed. This requires a Flash Player

We first published this site on March 9, 2001. We started by sharing the personal memories and images of my Dad, Robert B. White. Included is a history written by W.J. "Bud" Vey who has since passed away. Over the past several years, we have added information about the annual reunions and have received many entries in our guest log. Thanks to all who have written. We hope you enjoy our site.

If you have information you can share, please drop us a line at vtrbwhite@comcast.net and we will incorporate your information into the site. We would love to incorporate any photos you may have to share as well.

With luck, this site can become a place where old friends can re-acquaint and share a part of histories with our children and grand-children.

If you're interested in the personal histories of the men in various beach battalions, another fine site is at:  www.4thbeachbattalion.com. We have been in contact with several of the members there and encourage you to visit their site.


--Tim White
-- Bob White

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Tim White
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