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The images below are some to which I have made a reference in the book. If you have any that you'd like to share, please feel free to send them along.

The pictures may download slowly. Because of the age and quality of some of the pictures, I was careful not to compress to the point of losing detail.


Robert White at Fort Pierce, Florida 3/5/1997

Figure 1
Amphibious Training Base in Fort Pierce Florida. 5 March 1997

Robert B. White at the Ft. Pierce Memorial 3/5/1997

Figure 2
Memorial at the St. Lucie Historical Society Museum in Fort Pierce, Florida. 5 March 1997

Figure 3
Radiomen and Signalmen of our platoon, in camp at Fort Pierce.

RB White circa 1942
Figure 4

Figure 5
… we all faced the same way, right there in front of God and everyone.

Tim White
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